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University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Bulgaria

Name of the University: University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Bulgaria.

Nature of the Collaboration: Student Exchange


General Guidelines;

Once all  documents are compiled they are to be submitted to the “Office of the Study Abroad JGBS (OSAJ)” through your programme director (documents to be mailed as a zip file to

The University of National and World Economy (UNWE) is a university, located in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia. University of National and World Economy is the largest as well as the eldest higher educational institution of Economics and Management in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe and it has a history of more than 90 years. The academic year begins in late September and ends in mid-June and is divided into two semesters. The duration of each semester is 15 weeks. Two separate exam sessions shortly follow each semester and last 3 weeks duration each. The total duration of each semester is 18 weeks. The winter semester ends in late January and the summer semester begins in early February. During the winter semester there are no mid-term breaks, only a one-week holiday at the beginning of January (at the end of the study period and before the start of the exam period). There is no break between the two semesters. Within the summer semester there is a one-week Easter holiday.

Exchange Students:

Students need to apply for exchange mobility at JGBS. Students prepare their individual study program by selecting subjects within the ten Bachelor programs or five Master programs which are taught in English at UNWE.


English Requirements:

 If English is not your native language, studying in this programme can be very challenging. That's why we check whether you have the English language skills necessary to cope with your course right from the start. The requirement is overall IELTS 6.0

or. Visit:

Important Dates & Deadlines:

Final date(s) to submit applications:

  • 30th June - for students planning to attend the upcoming winter semester or full academic year;
  • 30th November - for students planning to attend the summer semester in the ongoing academic year.

Academic Calendar at UNWE:

  • Winter semester: September – December
    (Duration: 15 weeks)
  • Winter exam session: January
    (Duration: 3 weeks)
  • Summer semester: February – May
    (Duration: 15 weeks)
  • Summer exam session: May – June
    (Duration: 3 weeks)

The study abroad coordinator of the JGBS will nominates exchange students through an online nomination system. For more information about the application procedure students can also visit:

Visa related information:

Depending upon the nationality, students may need to obtain a long-stay entry visa before coming to Bulgaria.

Unless the students are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizens, they may also need to finalize their application for a residence permit. For more information and to find out whether one needs a visa or residence permit please, visit: and

Required Documents with application:

Housing/Residence and Food Info:

Unless the students are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizens, they may also need to finalize their application for a residence permit. Exchange students may apply for accommodation in the university’s dormitories. There is an Accommodation” section in the Application form where students indicate their wish regarding the accommodation. All rooms at the dormitories are shared, so students will have one or two other roommates. Rooms are equipped with the most necessary furniture – bed, table, chair and a small wardrobe. There are no kitchen facilities. Students will be supplied with a pillow and blankets but we recommend bringing their own linens and towels. It is the students’ responsibility to clean their rooms, the toilet and shower and the other areas that they have access to. It is also the students’ responsibility to buy their own cleaning tools.

 Originally, rooms are not equipped with Internet connection. Nevertheless, there are a lot of local Internet providers in the campus area and students may sign an individual contract at an exercise fee for the period of their stay. Students pay in advance the rent for the entire period of their stay. In addition, students pay a security deposit. The "security deposit" authorization shall be cancelled after inspection and determination by the dormitories’ officers that no damage, loss or injury (other than from reasonable wear and tear) has been done to the premises or property therein. We are trying our best to get rooms ready for our exchange students before their arrival. In order to do that, please be kind to inform our ERASMUS office for the exact date and time of your arrival at least three weeks earlier.

NOTE: Arriving in weekends or during the night: Normally, students will be in contact with a buddy who lives on campus. Please, arrange with him/her on how to get access to the room. Students will receive more information about this a few weeks after they have applied.

Health Insurance:

If the student is not a citizen of any of EU countries, he/she should check with his/her national authorities if there is entitlement to free or subsidized health treatment in Bulgaria. Please, note that public health care security does not cover all kinds of medical services, so students might consider supplementing it with private health Insurance. For more information, please, visit:

Estimated Cost of Attendance;

For Airport pick up services:

Most students arrive in Sofia at Sofia Airport, Central Railway Station or Central Bus Station depending on the preferred transport. Normally, we arrange for someone to meet the student and escort him/her to the dormitories or to the UNWE. In order to do that, please inform the ERASMUS office at UNWE for the exact date and time of your arrival at least three weeks earlier.

Student Support Services: Useful Links

European Researchers Mobility Network EURAXESS