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Student Corner

  • Jindal Global University – the college for rich, spoilt kids who have can while away their time.
    Is that what we are? Are we not more? Does it matter?
    Students of the Jindal Global University were asked.
    “It has been seven months since I’ve joined this liberal...

    21st Jun 2016
  • The University is made, not of the brick walls, steel buildings, reputation or with publicity. The University is made up of the people within. So, what do you think defines Jindal Global University?
    “Chai. I have a requirement of at least 2 cups a day to keep me functional. I didn’t really...

    11th Jun 2016
  • Law school. Nothing anyone told me could have ever prepared me for it. Eight months of elation, coffee, adjustment, newfound freedom, coffee, friendship, a tsunami of information…and did I mention coffee? There are no words to describe the past two semesters. I found roommates who are closer...

    30th May 2016
  • That time of year is upon us, when we have to strap ourselves into the roller coaster that is ‘to Study’ and answer X marks worth of questions in Y amounts of time and actually be good at it. ‘But Mid-Terms are better, they give you a sense of how to write your Finals!’. Of...

    30th May 2016