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Student Corner

  • Once you get that acceptance letter and you begin packing your bags the word that comes to my mind is, home.
    Home for the next x number of years.
    When you’re in the car/plane/bus/train or whatever mode of transport you’re using to get to your new home, the next word that comes to my...

    28th Sep 2016
  • A year ago, I was faced with the terrifying possibility of moving to a University so far away from home and comfort and round-the-clock nachos – an opportunity that I was desperate to accept but also regard with suspicion because, you see, I’m not a person of the outernet. It was a chance I had...

    27th Sep 2016
  • Studying in the school that I did, between the ages of 4 and 10 we would go on a field trip every month. We’d be piled up into a bus complete with colourful baskets, water bottles with pictures of Dora on them, and self-appointed buddies. I can assure you that this process of picking a buddy was...

    15th Sep 2016
  • Sonepat, Haryana. The holy grail of commercial food. NOT.

    15th Sep 2016
  • “He was no one. The Many-Faced God taught him how to shed his face and how to give the gift.” The words of George R.R Martin have triumphantly laid their mark on modern fantasy fiction for ages to come. None more so, in my opinion, than the ballad of the youngest Stark daughter and her dabbling...

    12th Sep 2016
  • No, this is not me employing exaggeration as a literary device to be humorous. I have literally had it ten times in the past year. I’ve counted. And of those ten times, seven have been on-campus incidents, making the disease much less bearable than it usually is.

    12th Sep 2016
  • Welcome. You are now part of a global institution. To learn the secret behind these metal buildings, well-groomed trees, and international environment, you must learn to look beyond what you see.

    12th Sep 2016
  • “Is Jindal nice?” the lady in front of me asks. She’s heavy with anxiety and concern, and her 17-year-old-fresh-out-of-school son is standing behind her and clutching his Class XII certificate and his heart in his hands.
    “Nice?” I ask her, and blink.
    I’m not quite sure what to say....

    29th Aug 2016
  • “INVITATION: Fifth Convocation Ceremony & Founder’s Day Celebration” reads the title of the email. It has been less than a week since I’ve been back on campus, and my mailbox is full of notifications reminding me of the convocation ceremony which also marks the 1-year anniversary of the...

    29th Aug 2016
  • The last few weeks have been really eventful, with some of my closest friends having their birthdays and the Theatre Society holding a Jazz Ball (Hello, gowns and heels!) during its annual fest, Camus. With JGU and its relatively liberal outlook of how hostel life can be, by allowing events such...

    28th Aug 2016
  • I distinctly remember my first few weeks at JGU - as I soaked in the new environment and interacted with students from all walks of life, I discovered how so many students have rebelled and defied the age-old “Engineer or Doctor” career option to embrace the beauty and complexities of legal...

    13th Aug 2016
  • Ah, research papers.

    We’ve all written plenty of those. Or maybe you haven’t, and have grown up studying in an education system that didn’t have CCE or FA1 or SA2 or some other combination of letters and numbers. Not to fret. University will rectify that for you, to the point where you...

    13th Aug 2016