Research on Design Thinking and Innovation

We at Center for Design Thinking and Innovation (CDTI) believe that innovation is not only a buzzword. It is at the very core of developed, modern and successful economies and nations. For developing and poor economies, innovation has the potential to provide health, education, food and housing to millions of people at the margins of society. It is also what makes organizations, whether “for profit” or “not for profit”, successful with a sustainable competitive advantage. At an individual level, innovation can prepare people for not only today’s but also tomorrow’s complex and dynamic world.

Innovation implies something novel, meaningful and impactful; and not just only creating something new. To achieve such meaningful innovation that makes a long term impact, design thinking is an important and extremely useful methodology.

Guided by the University’s Vision, CDTI at Jindal Global Business School is dedicated to cutting edge and topical research, training and dissemination of knowledge in the area of Design Thinking and Innovation. Our vision and mission statements follow: 


To be the thought leader in the area of Design Thinking and Innovation in the country 


In order to reach its ambitious vision, CDTI will:

  1. Conduct, promote and disseminate top quality research in the area of Design thinking and Innovation
  2. Conduct as well as participate in national and international workshops, seminars and conferences to generate, collate and propagate Design Thinking models and frameworks
  3. Train and thereby enable people in the discipline of Design Thinking and Innovation

CDTI will draw upon the expertise of its students, staff and faculty across different schools and centers at JGU to find innovative solutions to contemporary problems faced by the society, businesses and individuals alike. CDTI would offer its members a lively ecosystem including workspace, infrastructure, guidance and access to a network of like-minded people for converting their creative ideas into reality. In doing so, CDTI aims to make meaningful and long term positive impact in the society.