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Research Centers

Jindal Global Business School (JGBS), is an institution for research and scholarship for progressive research issue in contemporary Indian business scenario. JGBS focuses on multi-disciplinary international research perspectives. Our global collaboration with a local and regional focus aims to create and disseminate Indian business research to a global audience.

Seven Research Centres have been established in this academic context with each of these Centres addresses current research issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Research Centres are part of the landscape for any leading research university. They are, however, seldom so integrated into the faculty research agenda. At JGBS, this approach has been given primacy for several reasons. Our Research Centres aim at developing global inter-institutional collaborations to consolidate and extend research opportunities via such partnerships. True to our global name and vision, JGBS’ Research Centres aim to generate a global network of researchers. Secondly, no other university in India, and few globally, has centres that are intended to address range of cutting edge issues in business research with legal and policy perspectives. We see the establishment of these Ten Centres as a stand against the scarcity of academic inquiry into many of India’s leading business and management issues.

The infrastructure for research is now under establishment to support research centre activity. Collaborations are being sought and developing apace, with academic institutions and private sector partners worldwide to engage on global research projects. Beyond project-based collaboration and funding, sponsorship of JGBS’ Research Centres will be conducted on an endowment basis.