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Nature of collaboration: Dual Degree on Fee paid basis


About Quinnipiac University:


Our MBA dual-degree programs are designed for outstanding students who want to reap the benefits of completing a dual degree in less time than it would take to complete the two degrees separately. The path to the dual-degree MBA is completed in five years, and is open to both students enrolled in bachelor of science and bachelor of arts programs. In both the BS/MBA and BA/MBA paths, students begin taking graduate courses during their senior year that count toward both an undergraduate degree and an MBA.


Our dual-degree curriculum emphasizes collaboration and critical thinking, and you’ll hone your leadership and presentation skills through group projects. You’ll explore the major challenges of today’s global business world and examine key topics, such as organizational behavior and financial analysis. Each program fosters the development of both hands-on skills and a global perspective through an experiential learning component and executive study abroad course.


Career development is central to both programs. You’ll receive guidance not only from our dedicated faculty and staff, but also a vast network of alumni eager to assist in internship and job search. Job fairs and recruiting events also connect you with representatives from prominent firms including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, GE, Citi and Johnson & Johnson. With an intimate understanding of business, practical experiences and a foundation in subjects such as economics, finance and chemistry, you’ll graduate with a step up on your competition, ready to excel in a range of careers.


Fast Track BS/MBA Program of Study: Students in the Fast Track program may complete up to 9 credits of graduate courses during their senior year, which also fulfill undergraduate open electives. Students must work with their undergraduate adviser and the MBA director to ensure that the courses fit into both degree programs. Students must present satisfactory performance in their graduate course work completed during their senior year to be officially admitted into the graduate program upon completion of their BS degree. The BS/MBA curriculum consists of the MBA core courses plus a requirement to complete MBA 660 with an international travel component and MBA 688 MBA Internship.


Cost of Stay:

 The following chart provides you with estimates based on 2017 costs for the first two semesters (summer/fall or fall/spring), full-time enrollment, living expenses for off-campus housing (not living with parents) and average program credit load based on the program of study (unless otherwise noted). Actual costs may vary. Contact the Office of Graduate Financial Aid for specific information.

 Academic Program

Direct Costs

Indirect Costs

Total COA

School of Business – On-Ground Programs

Business Administration (MBA) 4+1 (fa/sp)




Cost of attendance Please go to the following web page for the most up-to-date tuition prices, fees, and estimated costs for your degree:


Other Fee(s):

  • Mandatory Accidental Insurance:  50$ Fall semester
  • Commuter Meal Plan: 200 $ per semester
  • Technology and Lab Fee: 340 $ per semester
  • Student fee: 360 per semester

Direct Costs = tuition and fees billed from Quinnipiac University

Indirect Costs = living expenses, books and supplies, miscellaneous expenses

Total Cost of Attendance = direct costs + indirect costs = COA



Fall Term Deadline: April 30

Spring Term Deadline:  September 30


No of Seats allowed for 2018/2019 from JGBS: 3 or 4 students for the current year

Language requirements:

TOEFL Internet-based score of 90 is required for admission (or 233 for computer based, or 575 for paper based). In lieu of TOEFL, applicants may submit International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores. A minimum score of 6.5 on this exam, a B or above on the Certificate of Advanced English or a C or above on the Certificate of Proficiency in English is required. TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years.

Quinnipiac requires the following standardized admission tests: MBA programs require the GMAT or GRE exam.


Admission and Documents need to be submitted by the Applicant: For your application to be considered complete, you must submit:

  1. The completed application form
  2. $45 application fee
  3. Resume
  4. Letter of intent
  5. Two professional references
  6. Official postsecondary transcripts
  7. Course by course credential evaluation (WES or ECE Preferred)
  8. Official copy of your TOEFL or IELTS exam score or documentation of successful completion of ELS Level 112.    
  9. Official Statement of Financial Support and supporting documentation
  10. A copy of your passport or national identification card


Application Review Process: All complete applications are carefully reviewed by faculty members of the appropriate program and the director of admissions. The admissions committee makes a recommendation to the graduate admissions director. Once the final decision is made, the applicant is informed by graduate admissions. Candidates holding degrees from foreign institutions must provide notarized English translations of their academic records.
Additional materials may be required by your intended program. It is your responsibility to make sure that all required application materials have been submitted.

Documented English language proficiency is required. You may satisfy this by either completing The ELS Language Center’s intensive level 112 course or achieving satisfactory scores on the TOEFL or the IELTS exams. If you haven’t satisfied your English requirement, but meet all other necessary criteria, you may still be considered for “conditional admission” based on eventual completion of the ELS Language Center course, the TOEFL, or the IELTS.

All application materials become part of the permanent student record at Quinnipiac and will not be returned. Access to this material is limited under the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Applicants who are not admitted or who are admitted and do not register do not have access to their application file.
If you would like the Graduate Admissions Office to correspond with a representative, other than yourself, regarding your application, please complete our third-party release form.


Incomplete Applications: Applications that are not complete by the specified date of the term for which admission is desired will be placed in an inactive status. A written request is needed to reactivate an application. Applicants whose files are more than one-year-old must reapply.  Materials received from applicants who do not complete their application, who are not admitted or who are admitted and do not matriculate are held for one year before being destroyed.

Required Forms:

  1. Statement of Financial Support Form :


  1. Third Party Release Form :


What’s next?

1. Receive confirmation of receipt Once we receive your complete application and supporting documents, we will send you confirmation of receipt by email. Your application is then submitted to the University for review.

2. Admission If your application is successful, you will be offered admission to a Quinnipiac degree program, or a conditional offer if you first need to improve your English language level.

3. Accept offer within 30 days to secure your place at Quinnipiac, you will need to accept the offer by paying a deposit (which will be specified in your offer letter) within 30 days of receiving your offer. Payment can be made via bank draft, electronic transfer or credit card.

4. Receive I-20 Once you have accepted your offer, and after all financial documentation has been received, a visa eligibility document (Form I-20) is issued. You will need the I-20 to apply for a visa.

5. Apply for a visa Allow approximately six weeks to receive your US visa after the US embassy has received your complete visa application and payment. Your Global Pathways representative can provide help and assistance with the visa process. In the case of a visa refusal, your deposit will be refunded.

 6. Pay program tuition Once you have secured your visa, you must pay (by bank draft, bank transfer or credit card) the tuition and fees for your program before your enrollment.

7. Receive pre-arrival information Quinnipiac University will send you full accommodation and arrival details to ensure you are ready for your departure to the USA.

 8. Arrive in the USA Join your new classmates at Quinnipiac to receive a full introduction to university life in the USA. You will make friends and get help and support for adjusting to your new life.

9. Classes begin!


Visa Requirements:

 Your Global Pathways representative can provide free F-1 student visa guidance. Please note that we cannot accept applications from US passport holders (including dual citizens) or permanent residents.


Health Insurance:

Health insurance is required for all F-1 visa holders. Insurance details will be provided once you receive an offer from Quinnipiac University. Ask your Global Pathways representative for more information on the best insurance options available to you.