JGBS faculty research acumen is highlighted by its publishing in over 45 peer-reviewed journal, 6 books, 20 book-chapter, and participation in over 30 international conferences (aggregating at 85 publications since inception).

Individual citations have also been of the faculty have also tripled between 2010 vis-à-vis 2017. The area of research is implied and in the various field of business studies. The cases studies are helpful to students globally to understand numerous business concepts.

The technical articles have facilitated some industries to become more efficient. Some of the text books are used as a course text-book at a number of business schools including the IIMs. And the publications that can be classified as viewpoints or research category are beneficial to develop further strategies.

Further, through its internal publications (Sage Journal) and its thirteen vibrant centers of excellence, and the MDP programmes, JGBS offers multi-disciplinary global business programmes to foster academic excellence, industry experience, and well-grounded global perspectives to its students.

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Brajesh Kumar, Ajay Pandey

Price discovery in emerging commodity markets: spot and futures relationship in Indian commodity futures market Journal Article


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Indian Commodity Futures Markets, Price Discovery, Return Spillover, Volatility Spillover


Rakesh Raut Rakesh Verma, Harshvardan Bhasin Saroj Koul

A multi-criteria decision making approach for selection of suppliers Journal Article

2010, ISBN: 1939-7011.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Supplier Selection Analytic Hierarchy Process Quality Function Deployment Casting Industry Supply Chain

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