Recruitment Process

Procedure for the Campus Recruitment

  • Submitting your interest for Campus Recruitment 
    Companies intend to visit campus may contact Corporate Relations Office with primary details about Job Profile/Project work, Compensation details etc. in offering and student profiles desired. Once the interest of the company is received the CDPD (Career Development & Placement Division) will make necessary arrangements for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT), final selection process and inform company of the same. 
  • Pre-placement talk (PPT)    

    PPT provides an opportunity to the recruiting company and the students to interact with each other. The presentation by the company is in general regarding the history, growth potential, future opportunities, and job content, compensation package / stipend, location both for Final Placement & Internship Selection. PPT by the companies helps students to take an informed decision. Resumes of the interested students will be sent to the company for evaluation & plan their Selection process.

  • Conducting the final selection     

    The Company is requested to inform the Corporate Relations Office of their recruitment procedure. It should include information on the Group Discussion, PI & other steps of selection process etc. The company will inform the Corporate Relations Office about the final selection of the candidates thereafter by mail & subsequently in writing.

  • Facilities for Recruiters    

    The Institute is well equipped with necessary facilities. It has state of the art, air-conditioned classrooms/auditorium equipped with multimedia and audio-visual equipment, boardroom for group discussions, and rooms for conducting personal interviews. Any specific arrangements etc. to be made shall be done by the University.