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Nature of the Collaboration: Exchange & Dual Degree Students


General Guidelines:


Macquarie University is located just 15 kilometers from Sydney’s city Centre in one of the largest business and technology precincts in the Southern Hemisphere. Sydney has something for everyone – from the iconic Sydney Harbor and more than 100 beaches, to picturesque

mountains and arts and cultural festivals While only 50 years young, Macquarie has risen to be a progressive and influential institution both locally and internationally.  Macquarie campus brings together 40,000 students and 2000 staff in one thriving hub of discovery. Macquarie gives you the freedom to explore your interests across a range of subjects, giving you an advantage when you start your career.


For Dual Degree Students:

Entry Requirements:

International undergraduate

Uniquely located in the heart of Australia's largest high-tech precinct, Macquarie's park-like campus brings together 40,000 students, many of them from all corners of the world.

English requirements (equal to IELTS 6.5) are needed for Macquarie programs. Equivalencies for IELTS6.5 are detailed in our English language requirements guide.

To be eligible to apply for an undergraduate program, you must have one of the following:

  • A recognized secondary (high school) qualification
  • A recognized university foundation course
  • A recognized two- or three-year diploma
  • At least one year of a university degree from a recognized institution

Find out if your qualification is recognized.

Find out what marks or grade you need.


International pathway programs

Ready to join us at Macquarie University International College? We look forward to welcoming you. The program you are accepted into will depend on the grades you have achieved in your high school qualification. Find out about the academic entry requirements in our guide.


English language requirements

To successfully apply to Macquarie there are standard English requirements and special English requirements.

Standard English requirements (equal to IELTS 6.5) can be proved with any of the following:

  • a qualification from an approved country. Find out more.
  • an approved qualification. Find out more.
  • completion of an approved language test. Find out more.
  • study at an approved English language centre. Find out more.
  • Special English requirements (greater than IELTS 6.5) are needed for some Macquarie programs. These programs are detailed in our English language requirements guide.
  • In order to be accepted into Macquarie University International College you will need also need to meet specific English language requirements.


Important Dates & Deadlines:

  • Macquarie University Session 1 (February - June): 30 November
  • Macquarie University Session 2 (July - November): 30 April

Missed the deadline? Don't panic - we can accommodate late applications in some cases. 

Application closing dates


Session 1, 2018

Session 2, 2018

Application Open Date

9th October 2017

mid-April 2018

On-time Application Closing Date ($75 Application Fee)

9th February, 2018

13 July 2018

Final Closing Date* ($200 late fee + $75 Application Fee)

16th February, 2018

20 July 2018

Tuition fee due date

23rd February 2018

26 July 2018

Important Note: The Next Step program is an upfront tuition fee based program, you must pay the tuition fees by the tuition fee due date. The fees are not deferrable through HECS or FEE-HELP.

Application process:

How to apply

Step 1: Complete the application fee form and submit via email to or in person at the Cashier's Office on campus. Take note of your receipt number for your online application.

*No applications will be accepted after the final closing date, application fees and late fees are non-refundable.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Next Step online application form with supporting documentation.

**Please refer to the 2018 Next Step unit list before completing the application form as there are ATAR requirements for each unit.

Supporting Documentation required:

  1. ATAR advice - sent to your home or on your student portal, must clearly have your full name and ATAR on the same page.
  2. BOSTES summary of assessment bands - must show clearly the full subject names and band you obtained in HSC.
  3. Evidence of Australian citizenship or permanent residency. ONE of the following documents must be provided: A current passport; an Australian citizenship certificate or visa grant notification. (An Australian driver’s license is not an acceptable document)
  4. An official academic transcript or record of study (if applicable). A transcript must clearly show the name of the institution, your student number, your name, the names of each unit or subject you have undertaken, the semester in which the study was undertaken and the result for each unit/subject. A printout of your current academic record from your University’s student system is acceptable. Your transcript should be recently issued and cover the current session.

Application validity

Next Step students have one academic year from time of admission to complete the pathway program. If the Next Step studies are carried across more than one academic year, a new application must be lodged, including the application fee of $75 (non-refundable).

For example, if your application is lodged on time for the Session 1, 2018 intake, you have the course of one academic year (Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3) to complete the requirements of the Next Step pathway. If your studies carry across into Session 1 the following year (2019), you will be required to lodge a new application and be charged a non-refundable $75 application fee.

What next?

Once your application has been assessed you will be contacted via your nominated email address two weeks after submission of application.

For more information:

Visa related information:

Knowing your student visa conditions is an important part of studying and stay in Australia.


Important Information

We want to ensure you are aware of your Student Visa conditions so that you can maintain a positive study experience. However, you must also be aware that the University has legal obligations to provide information to the Department of Home Affairs in specific circumstances.

For example, the University must inform the Department of Home Affairs if you are no longer studying, or, the University may inform the Department of Home Affairs if you have breached University rules.


Student Visas and Confirmation of Enrolment

In order to maintain a valid Student Visa, you must have a valid Confirmation of Enrolment. You will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment as part of your enrolment process before you leave your home country. If your Confirmation of Enrolment is ever cancelled for a breach of University Rules or Requirements, then this may lead to your Student Visa being cancelled or expiring.

If you experience any difficulty with your student visa or requirements, or have questions regarding your Confirmation of Enrolment see your Student Advocacy and Support Adviser. Your adviser can explain the University's rules and processes to ensure you are meeting your requirements. Your adviser cannot provide advice on other types of Visas or migration law advice.


What are visa conditions?

Visa conditions are the rules of your visa. They are set by Australian law and must be followed as the Department of Home Affairs may cancel your visa if you breach these conditions.

For a full list of your student visa conditions go to the Department of Home Affairs.


Course duration and Study Load

Student visa holders are required to complete their course within a set period of time, indicated by your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

The course duration is based on a full time study load. A full time study load usually requires a student to take 4 subjects in each compulsory study period.

Visit the Course Database for details about your course duration.

If you experience academic difficulties, or situations which are considered to be compassionate or compelling, then you may be eligible to reduce your study load.

If you wish to request to reduce your study load submit a form via


Extending your course duration

If you have difficulties during your studies, you may require additional time to complete your program. This may occur if you

  • fail a subject/s and need to retake the subject/s
  • have been granted a Reduced Study Load

You may then require an extension of program which will require an updated Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). To request a new CoE go to

With the change in the duration of your study program, you may need to extend your student visa.


Maintain enrolment and course progression

You must remain enrolled in your course and you must satisfy course progression requirements.

If you are at risk of not satisfying course progression requirements you will be contact by the University and asked to take part in a program. The program is designed to help you improve your academic performance.

If you do not meet progress requirements, defined by the degree rules, you may be excluded from Macquarie University. Students who are excluded have the opportunity to appeal. Students who do not appeal or who are not successful in their appeal are reported to the Department of Immigration. This may result in an  cancellation of your visa.

Click here for information on undergraduate and postgraduate degree rules.


Changing address or contact details

You must notify Macquarie University within 7 days via eStudent:

  • of your new address when you first arrive in Australia
  • if you change your address at any time during your enrolment
  • of any new contact details

If you do not update your address details and there is a problem with your visa, you will not receive communication from the Department of Immigration and your visa may be cancelled without you knowing.

Macquarie University will contact students via their Macquarie Student Email address. You should regularly check your student email for important updates and information. The University will not email your private email address.


Remain with Macquarie University for 6 months

You must study with Macquarie University for at least six calendar months, if your visa was obtained for study at this institution.

If you have come to study an English course (eg ELC), or a preparatory course (eg SIBT) on a package offer, you must complete this course and then continue your studies at Macquarie University for at least six calendar months.

Find out more about transfer and release conditions.


Work limitation

Student visa holders are able to work up to 40 hours each fortnight while your course is in session (excluding any work undertaken as a registered component of their course of study or training).

You can also work unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.

Postgraduate Research (subclass 574) visa holders can work unlimited hours once your courses have started.

Family members are not allowed to work until you begin your course. They are allowed to work up to 40 hours a fortnight at all times. Family members of students who have started a postgraduate research course may work unlimited hours.

The Department of Immigration will check work places to make sure that students are not exceeding their hours. Employers are also legally required to provide information to the Department of Immigration.

See details on work limitations for international student visa holders.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

All International students and their families (on student dependent visas) are required to have medical insurance while in Australia as part of their visa conditions.

All international students will be required to have OSHC cover for the length of their visa. If you are granted permission to extend your program you will need to arrange for additional cover.

Click here for more information on Overseas Student Health Cover.


Change of welfare arrangements - Under 18 years of age

If your under 18 years of age and do not live with a parent or legal guardian in Australia, you must not change your accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements without consulting your Student Advocacy and Support Adviser.

Students Under 18 years of age must meet with a Student Advocacy and Support Adviser twice a week during their studies.


External / Distance study

You can study up to 25 per cent of your course by online and/or distance learning, but in each compulsory study period you must be studying at least one unit that is face to face teaching and not online or by distance. It is important that you check the teaching method when registering for units to make sure you meet this rule and discuss any queries with your Student Advocacy and Support Adviser.


Suspending study

A Suspension of Study allows students who are experiencing compassionate or compelling circumstances who are required to take a break from study and return to your home country.

If approved to suspend your program, you are required to contact the Department of Home Affairs to ask about your student visa status.

For more information about Suspension of Studies requirements contact: Student Advocacy and Support Student Advocacy and Support

To request permission for a suspension of studies go to


Withdrawal from Macquarie University

Should you wish to withdraw from the University and have already commenced study at Macquarie, you can submit a Student Withdrawal and Release form online via

Students who have studied with Macquarie University for more than six calendar months are able to stop their studies by notifying the University (using the above form). Students who have not studied for more than six calendar months must request permission to be released from their studies. A release will only be granted in exceptional and specific circumstances.


Housing/Residence and Food Info:

Safe, supportive and fun accommodation makes all the difference to your university experience. The friendly team at Macquarie Accommodation Services can help you find the best housing options for you, including female-only or male-only accommodation. If you need a temporary place to stay when you first arrive, we can help you with that as well. We will even pick you up from the airport in Sydney – for free. Iglu offers modern student accommodation right next to Chats Wood Station, a 10-minute train ride to Macquarie University and only 20 minutes to central Sydney.


If you prefer to find your own accommodation, we have an online database that provides details of many properties currently available for rent near campus. It is best to visit any private accommodation in person to make sure it suits your needs before signing a rental agreement.


Stay with a friendly Australian family and get to know how locals live. The host Australian family will provide you with your own fully furnished bedroom, a quiet place to study and

cooked meals. Homestays are provided through three University-approved agencies that carefully select suitable hosts.


Macquarie University Accommodation Weekly cost

Twin/share room from $175

Single room with shared bathroom from $225

Standard studio from $387

Single, fully catered college room from $434

Single, fully catered college room with ensuite from $571

Health Insurance:


Australia’s first private not-for-profit teaching hospital on a university campus, Macquarie University Hospital is redefining healthcare excellence. By combining the best available

knowledge and expertise, this facility ensures patients receive a comprehensive and integrated service. The hospital is part of MQ Health, Australia’s first fully integrated

academic health science centre under a university’s leadership. Bringing together this state-of-the-art hospital and the University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, MQ Health aims to provide you with a practical learning experience, as well as improve the lives of patients and the broader community by integrating world-class research, clinical care and education.


Estimated Cost of Attendance with Semester dates;

You can calculate your estimated tuition fees by using our course finder, which lists our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. You will find both a per-credit-point and estimated annual fee which will give you an indication of the cost based on a full-time subject load in the first year of your course. 

Looking to help finance your studies? If you have relevant prior studies, applying for Recognition of Prior Learning can give you credit towards your degree and help reduce both the cost and duration of your program. We also have an extensive range of scholarships available to international students.

At the time you accept your offer to study at Macquarie University, there are two payments you need to make:

1. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) must be paid for the entire duration of your course. It must be paid before you start at Macquarie.

2. The Commencement Fee

The Commencement Fee is a portion of your tuition fee that you need to pay when you accept an offer to study at Macquarie University. It is usually set at around AU$16,000 and must be paid before you start at Macquarie.

Please note that the Commencement Fee does not represent the full cost of your unit enrolment. Check eStudent to view the full cost of your fees after you have enrolled in your unit(s) for each session.

This Commencement Fee is taken off your first semester tuition fees (so it is not in addition to your tuition fees).


Paying my tuition fees

Each study period, once you’ve enrolled into unit(s), you can check your fees in eStudent, selecting the “My Finances” menu. Please Note: Invoices are not sent to students, all payment details are found in your eStudent.

Please refer to the following information for the relevant payment due dates.

As well as being able to view your statement of fees in eStudent, you can also email your Statement of Outstanding Charges to your official student email address by:

  • Log in to eStudent
  • Select > “My Finances” tab
  • Select > “Email my Statement of Outstanding Charges”.

Please arrange for full payment of your tuition fees by the relevant payment due date.  Failure to make a payment to the University by the census date may result in cancellation of enrolment and cancellation of your eCOE.

A $200 late payment fee will be incurred on all payments made after your payment due date.

Fees paid at the time of admission may not cover your full tuition fees for the year.  To check your full fees for the unit(s) you have enrolled in, please go to > eStudent, select > “My Finances” tab and make arrangements for full payment by the payment due date. A list of payment methods can be found below.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the university via email by the payment due date.


Late fee

A late fee of $200 will be imposed for late enrolment or late payment of fees.


Annual fee increases

The University reviews the per-credit-point fees each year and may increase them in the following year.

At Macquarie, tuition fees are paid at the start of each academic session and are calculated based on the number of credit points you are enrolled in.

Scholarship Opportunities:


To be eligible for one of these scholarships, you must: • be a citizen of India

• hold a full offer of admission to Macquarie, commencing in 2017-2018

• be a new commencing student and not in receipt of any other scholarship from Macquarie

• must meet Macquarie’s academic and English requirements

• hold an offer letter for course that is for at least 1 year in duration

• meet the eligibility criteria shown overleaf.

Visit requirements for more information about accepted qualifications and ATAR equivalents.


Once you have chosen a course, complete an application online. Macquarie will assess your application and send an offer within 2 weeks. After receiving your full course offer, apply for the scholarship online at international/scholarships


You will need your Macquarie student number to complete your scholarship application online. You will receive this number once your course application has been processed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


For Airport pick up services:


Macquarie’s campus is located just 15 kilometres from Sydney’s city centre. Once you have arrived, you will discover that Sydney’s public transport system is safe, efficient and easy to use. Macquarie University even has its own train station, on the same train line as the city stations (Wynyard, Town Hall and Central). Bus routes also connect the campus to popular Sydney destinations, including world-famous beaches Bondi and Manly.


City centre 15 km 20 min 30 min

Airport 25 km 40 min 65 min

Macquaire University Train Station :


Macquarie University to city: 5.07am

Macquarie University to Hornsby 5.51am


Macquarie University to city: 11.08pm

Macquarie University to Hornsby: 12.25am

For Other Student Support Services:

Visit :