Logistics and Transportation Management

The center intends to become a global platform for wider outreach in research work based on new ideas. Designed around the need for creating a global network of public and private stakeholders the center is poised to be developed as a unique ground for idea development, testing and sharing through its network. It intends to develop a body of work in the area of logistics and transportation management that can provide answers to the growing needs of developing and under-developed economies.


Research at the center intends to bring incremental improvement in the current logistics and transportation management field as well as to provide new dimensions to emerging areas requiring more focus and emphasis e.g. humanitarian logistics, green supply chains and other environmental and geo-political considerations.





The centre’s founding objectives are to;

  1. Provide solutions for operational, regulatory and infrastructural inefficiencies related to logistics and transport management practices.
  2. Incubation and development of ideas for reduction of supply chain vulnerabilities by providing policy inputs as well as grass root level operational inputs.
  3. Identification and support in researching advanced initiatives for addressing critical issues in various areas related to sustainable logistics and transportation management, improving system efficiencies and reducing environmental externalities.
  4. Research in areas of humanitarian logistics in the aftermath of natural as well as human induced disasters.

The center aims towards becoming a global knowledge powerhouse in the area of logistics and transportation management through active involvement and participation of researchers and professionals from across the globe.


In addition, the goal is to provide a platform for continuous support through research conferences, seminars, working papers and other report publications. Further, the center is working towards propagating these new ideas to professionals and decision makers working in the area of logistics and transportation management through capacity building seminars, management development programmes, virtual classrooms and guest lecture series.