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Kelly School of Business, (Indiana University, Bloomington) USA.

Name of the Partner: Kelly School of Business, (Indiana University, Bloomington) USA.

Nature of Collaboration:  Student Exchange

General Guidelines

Eligibility and process of selection:

To participate in the exchange program at KBS-USA, you must possess the equivalent of a baccalaureate degree or similar certification prior to enrollment at Indiana University as a non-degree exchange participant. First a student need to apply at Indian University after shortlisted in the nomination process of JGBS. Admission for international transfer applicants is selective, so you must establish a solid academic record in university-level work before applying to Indian University. We will review your application for its individual merits and qualities. In particular, we consider factors that emphasize academic performance and preparation, including:

  • Strength and quality of your curriculum
  • Recent grade trends
  • Standardized test results (when required)

International applicants should have a minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.5. Because of the competitive nature of our applicant pools, few students (American and international) are admitted with a GPA below 2.5. Additionally, no GPA in itself will guarantee admission. In addition, you should be in good standing at the institution you are attending or have previously attended.

Factors that influence the admission decision;

As a prospective transfer student, you are given more serious consideration if your marks or grades have been consistently above average or steadily improving in a challenging academic program. Conversely, low marks or grades in the most recent term or a less demanding academic program are often factors that make an application less competitive and thus are reasons to deny admission.

IU may be able to make an admission decision while you are in the process of completing the current term at your institution. However, if your final performance falls below the admission standards for IU, International Admissions is very likely to withdraw the offer of admission.

Demonstration of English language proficiency:


IU Bloomington requires all nonnative English-speaking international undergraduate applicants to demonstrate English proficiency. You can do this by submitting:

  • Acceptable results for one of the English proficiency tests listed below.

  • Acceptable results from the SAT or ACT exam sections listed below.

  • Evidence of having completed the credits and requirements listed below.

  • Evidence of citizenship from an approved English-speaking country (defined below).

Applicants who have not met this requirement within the last two years may be required to submit additional proof of English proficiency, including new standardized test scores. Scores that demonstrate acceptable English proficiency.

The table below indicates the minimum scores IU requires for each test in order to consider you for admission to IU:



TOEFL (internet-based test)


TOEFL (paper-based test)


International English Language Testing System (IELTS)


Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)


SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing


ACT English section


Admissions deadlines for transfer students:


You will get first and maximum consideration if you complete your application materials by the priority date for the semester in which you wish to begin at IU.

If you submit your application materials after these dates, your application will only be considered if space is still available.

Priority dates for transfer students:





June 1

Spring (January start)

November 1


March 1


Transferring credit from other schools:


As a transfer student, you will generally receive transfer credit for any course you have taken at an accredited institution that corresponds to one in our curriculum—in both content and credit value. We will evaluate your transcript(s). You can then access your detailed Credit Transfer Report in One.IU showing how previous college coursework will transfer after you are admitted to IU.

IU’s Credit Transfer Service:

If you would like to get an idea of how your credits might transfer before you apply, you can use our Credit Transfer Service. This automated service enables you to identify your university, the classes you have taken, and their IU equivalents in just a few steps. However, not all courses at all universities are included in the Credit Transfer Service database, so you should not assume that the results you get using this tool are final.

You must request academic department evaluation for any international coursework earned that has not been articulated.

Supporting documents for transfer students:


Completing the application for admission is the first step toward transferring to Indiana University. After you have submitted your application, there are several documents that you need to provide us to complete your application. (All documents submitted for admission consideration become the property of IU.)


Documents required to complete your application  

·Secondary school academic records Proof of secondary school completion is required for all transfer students. If the original is not in English, also include a literal translation certified by the academic institution as being complete and correct. In all cases, the record must be an official copy bearing an original stamp or seal. Official grade 12 board exam results (Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination / Senior School Certificate Examination–Class XXII / Indian School Certificate –Year 12)

·Official transcript(s) from each college or university you have attended. If you are studying in another country, please submit official copies of your academic record. If the original is not in English, also include a certified, literal translation. In all cases, the record must be an official copy bearing an original stamp or seal.

 Request for review of undistributed credit; Be sure to access the Credit Transfer Service to find out what courses will transfer from your current university.

SAT/ACT scores

If you have achieved less than 26 transferrable credits at the time of application (or 39 quarter credits), you must also complete either the SAT I or the ACT, and must submit the results from the SAT or ACT writing component along with the other standard sections of either test. When you register for either test, make sure to have your scores sent to IU Bloomington.


School code





TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)


Demonstration of English proficiency

IU Bloomington requires all nonnative English-speaking international undergraduate applicants to demonstrate English proficiency

Required financial documents

Once you are accepted at Indiana University, you will be required to submit documents proving you have the financial means to support yourself for a full calendar year, including tuition, fees, and living expenses. Your financial documents are not related to your admission decision. However, OIS cannot issue you an immigration document until you have provided sufficient evidence of financial support. We encourage you to submit your financial documents as soon as possible. We will be able to finalize your application and process your necessary immigration documents sooner.  

Although proof of funding is required for only the first year, you are expected to fund your studies for the duration of your program. When adding up your expenses, remember that you should not look to employment as a means of support. Not only do you need authorization before you can start a job, you are limited in the number of hours you can work.

Information about your source of funding


When gathering your financial documentation, please keep the following items in mind:

  • You should include bank statements if at all possible.
  • You must submit only legible financial documentation.
  • You may be asked to submit original documents at Indiana University’s discretion.
  • You must provide the specific amount and currency of available funds, though funds on bank statements, etc., do not need to be shown in U.S. dollars.
  • You must submit documentation from the 12 months preceding the time you intend to enroll.

If the available sponsored funds do not completely cover your incurred costs, you will be responsible for all additional expenses associated with your stay in the United States.

Acceptable evidence of financial support

  • Bank statements indicating required currency amount in liquid asset form (cash deposits, certificates of deposit, savings accounts)
  • Investment statements indicating liquid assets (submissions need to include clear evidence of the funds liquidity and the cash surrender value)
  • Scholarship letters
  • Lines of credit
  • Governmental funding

Information about personal or family funding

If full or partial funding is coming from personal sources (for example, family or friends), each person who will provide your financial support must:

  1. Sign the Declaration of Financial Support form.
  2. Attach an official bank statement(s). The name on the declaration must match the account holder on the bank statement(s).

Bank statements must be in English. Each bank statement submitted must include the following details:

  • The name of your financial supporter. The translated name must be on the original document (not handwritten in).
  • The date. Documents must be dated no more than one year (12 months) prior to the date classes begin for the desired term of enrollment.
  • The amount of available funds and the type of currency.
  • The name of the bank. The name of the bank must be officially indicated on the bank statement.

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