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Distinctive Features

  • Multi-disciplinary: The Curriculum extends beyond business and management subjects, allowing students to take courses from the Law School, School of Government & Public Policy, and the School of International Affairs as well, apart from foreign language.
  • World-class Faculty: JGU has faculty from the best schools in the world, which provides students a unique opportunity to learn from the top academics and professionals of the business world.
  • Global Curriculum: With businesses crossing borders, you cannot afford to be left behind. That is why our programmes teach you the best global business practices, and equip you with the skills to work anywhere in the world.
  • International Collaborations: The Naveen Jindal School of Management, University of Texas, Dallas (US), European Business School, Goethe University, Germany; the University of New Brunswick, Carleton University, Canada; Queen Mary University of London and Suffolk University, Boston; Queen's University of Belfast are our partners in promoting higher education, action learning projects, student exchanges, internships, conferences, and research projects.
  • Career Management: Our Career Development and Placement Assistance Unit works consistently to ensure that when you are ready to graduate, you have the opportunity to pursue the career areas where your passion and skills lie.
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy: Business education is witnessing a shift from conventional to innovative learning. Increasingly, students need to be trained in real life situations which enable them to effectively respond to business issues. In this scenario, there is an increasing emphasis on experiential learning, acquiring work experience prior to postgraduate studies, and sharing past knowledge to help chart a road map for the future of business. In addition, inter-cultural and cross-cultural understanding has become an important component in a global manager's profile.


We, at JGBS, feel that in the contemporary world, business education should enable students to:

  • deal with issues and ideas that are important for business value creation and development
  • develop skills and competencies that go beyond theoretical knowledge
  • make their education relevant to the emerging global business paradigm
  • create not just excellent managers, but also instill the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • evolve into leaders and wealth creators in the years to come


The Management programmes at JGBS are among the most rigorous in the country and are designed to give students a global management perspective through a unique pedagogy of learning and interaction among peers in a modular format. Activities like live projects, field assignments, and simulation games form an integral part of the programmes.

The Programmes incorporate industry internships to achieve holistic learning and a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary business environment.