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The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herziliya, Israel

Name of the University:  The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herziliya, Israel.

Nature of the Collaboration: Student Exchange


General Guidelines;

Once all  documents are compiled they are to be submitted to the “Office of the Study Abroad JGBS (OSAJ)” through your programme director (documents to be mailed as a zip file to

IDC Herzliya is a distinguished academic institution founded in 1994, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education, research, and the training of future leaders. IDC provides its students with educational programs that combine academic study with hands-on training and is committed to providing students with the necessary tools to become frontrunners in their fields, in Israel and abroad. The campus is located in the city of Herzliya, Israel, six miles north of Tel Aviv and a short distance from the Herzliya Pituach high-tech area and beaches.


Exchange Students:

In exceptional circumstances exchange students can take their final exams abroad. A request for an Exam Procedures form must be sent to the student exchange office, filled out and returned up to one (1) month prior to departure. If approved, arrangements will be made to take the final exams at the student’s home institution (with a proctor – at the discretion of the home institution).

Fall Semester Academic calendar: Orientation day: 16.10.2017, Fall semester begins: 22.10.2017, Fall semester ends: 21.01.2018.

Spring Semester Academic Calendar; Spring semester begins: 11.03.2018, Spring semester ends: 22.06.2018,

For Detailed Academic Calendar Please Visit:


ID Connect is a buddy program that promotes interaction and integration of exchange students with local students. Designed to make exchange students feel at home while experiencing their semester abroad in Israel. Students are paired with Israeli IDC ‘buddies’ according to their interest and partake in various student organized activities throughout the semester. Activities include organized trips, social gatherings, dinners, and various outings. For more information, please visit:


Additional Requirements for International Students;


IDC Off Campus Housing is available for undergraduate students, yet limited. The IDC Housing application form is included in the acceptance package. Students interested in accommodations must fill and return the form to

Selected housing is wheelchair accessible. For more information, visit:

Herzliya and Tel Aviv offer great housing opportunities. Students may choose to look for other non-university related living arrangements with the assistance of the housing department.

Visa Requirements:

Israeli Visa requirements vary based on your country of citizenship. It is the student’s responsibility to verify with the closest Israeli Embassy and/or Consulate requirements before arrival.


How to Apply;

Apply in online at:

Students will receive a link to the online registration system prior to arrival. All students are subject to space availability constraints of selected courses and in some cases pre-requisites. When enrolling please take notice of the timeslots to avoid overlap. The standard workload per semester for IDC students is 6-9 courses. Students are strongly advised to consult your JGBS team and receive approval on their intended courses of study. Please avoid registration of the following courses. Zell Entrepreneurship and Argov Fellowship courses. Public Diplomacy courses: 4225, 4691, 4516. More details of restricted courses can be found in the acceptance package. For the online course handbook please see :


Grading & Courses:

IDC Herzliya functions on a 0-100 grading system, where 60 is the minimum passing grade. Some courses work on a pass/fail basis.

Each course is worth between 2-4 credits. A 2 credit course meets for 90 minutes per week over the course of the semester (14 weeks). For a conversion chart of the IDC system to ECTS visit:

Transcripts are available upon request to Nina Singer after all final exam results have arrived.


Deadlines for International Applicants;

Nomination Deadlines: Fall: May 1st, Spring: October 15.

Student Application Deadlines: Fall: June 1st, Spring: November 15th.

Estimated Cost of Attendance;

Cost Per Semester.

Rent & Utilities: