Harshvardhan Kaul

Adjunct Faculty

B.S. (Cornell University); M.Eng. (Cornell University)

Harshvardhan got his B.S in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at Cornell University in 1993. His undergrad research was in AI with Prof. Alberto Segre. He also got his M.Eng in 1994 in Distributed Systems from Cornell Engineering which is one of the precursors of IoT.

His internships were with the UN ESCAP Data Procession Section in Bangkok. He was one of the grad students helping benchmark the IBM SP1 at the Cornell Theory Center (one of 7 designated National Supercomputing Facilities). Also he worked on the Small Order Execution System that supported the NASDAQ Desk in the Equities Division at Goldman Sachs in Manhattan.

After working for 7 years on the East Coast, he returned to India as COO of Paradox Studios (a small 25 person start-up) which developed entertainment software in 2002. PSPL was a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Infocomm based in BKC, Mumbai. In 2006, he joined RCom as head of CLU&E (Customer Lifetime value, Usability & Experience) at DAKC, Navi Mumbai. He also served as an advisor to the board of UBC (a distributor of industrial bearings) based in Chennai. After 15 years in Mumbai, he returned to Delhi over a year ago as a strategic advisor on Smart Cities, AI, and IoT. He was most recently on an academic panel discussion in Feb at Bangalore as the industry representative on IoT for the students of UPES.

Harsh strongly believes that in an increasingly technology driven marketplace, the management students of today need exposure to various disruptive trends without which the business leaders of tomorrow will become obsolete or irrelevant.

His vision for the students is to understand the ‘ABCDE’ of tech:

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Big data & blockchain
  3. Cloud computing & storage
  4. Data analytics & predictive algorithms
  5. Edge computing (for rural areas without connectivity)

He has created a telegram channel for AI recommended readings with detailed perspective on the case studies and business solutions which is accessible from any device.