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General Guidelines

Name of the Partner: Kelly School of Business, (Indiana University, Bloomington) USA.

Nature of Collaboration:  Student Exchange

General Guidelines:

Eligibility and process of selection:

To participate in the exchange program at KBS-USA, you must possess the equivalent of a baccalaureate degree or similar certification prior to enrollment at Indiana University as a non-degree exchange participant. First a student need to apply at Indian University after shortlisted in the nomination process of JGBS. Admission for international transfer applicants is selective, so you must establish a solid academic record in university-level work before applying to Indian University. We will review your application for its individual merits and qualities. In particular, we consider factors that emphasize academic performance and preparation, including:

  • Strength and quality of your curriculum
  • Recent grade trends
  • Standardized test results (when required)

International applicants should have a minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.5. Because of the competitive nature of our applicant pools, few students (American and international) are admitted with a GPA below 2.5. Additionally, no GPA in itself will guarantee admission. In addition, you should be in good standing at the institution you are attending or have previously attended.