Future Brands and Advertising Research (CFBAR)

Consumers today live in an ocean of brands. While globalization wanted to make life simpler by providing consumers with solutions to every possible problem they had, it has eventually made life even more difficult by providing a plethora of choices to every problem that consumers have today.

The magnification of consideration set has led to confused consumers on one hand and stressed brand custodians on the other hand. The Center for Future Brands and Advertising Research (CFBAR) is formed to serve a global requirement: bring together academic professionals, industry specialists and consumer segments to undergo rigorous research and arrive at insights and propose directions to brands and the advertising industry so that all stakeholders are satisfied. In addition to engaging in research activities, CFBAR will also serve as a discussion forum for brand researchers, heads of agencies, advertising and marketing professionals to debate issues and arrive at possible solutions. The aim of this Center will be to create clutter free, innovating cutting-edge brand and advertising strategies and research processes which will be.



  • Act as knowledge leaders in providing advices and ideas to industry leaders, experts and academicians globally, laying the foundation to build a globally reputed research center for Branding and Advertising.
  • To become brand doctors for ailing brands through the process of brand tracking journey.
  • To come out with innovative effective research processes which will be cost effective yet provide relevant data for the industry
  • Engaging in a lot of collaborative projects nationally and internationally to understand consumer behavior and accordingly create brand’s vision.
  • To create culture labs and human experimentation labs for in-depth consumer research