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FPT University, Vietnam

Name of the University:  FPT University, Vietnam

Nature of the Collaboration: Student Exchange


General Guidelines;

Once all  documents are compiled they are to be submitted to the “Office of the Study Abroad JGBS (OSAJ)” through your programme director (documents to be mailed as a zip file to


Exchange Students:

FPT University was officially established one decade ago. After 10 years, FPT University - the first university in Vietnam established by an enterprise - has reached the next level to become FPT Education Group in 2016 with new strategy and vision to become network Education Group which targeted 150.000 students by 2025. Over 400 students from all around the world come to FPT University for Exchange, Study Abroad and Internship programs every year. In 2013, nearly 500 students from France, Denmark, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brunei and Taiwan chose us for their study abroad experience. Our short term programs highly focus on creating a globalized environment to nurture cross-culture exchange and knowledge share among mobile students. We manage the promotion of the international mobility programmes for students and maintain and developing and maintaining relationships with professors and universities abroad. Furthermore, we endeavor to support FPT University’s internationalization with different culture exchange activities and programs.


How to Apply:

Submission of Application:

Registration & Login: After looking for necessary information on FPT University’s website, you need to register an account to log in FPT University Online Admission system. Choose a program and a proposed month of entry that are suitable for you. Fill in your information and upload required documents. After your documents are uploaded successfully, you will be asked to wait for up to 3 days for documents review.


Offer Letter and Fee Plan:

Once you have been accepted, the University will send you an Offer letter to confirm your course details and start dates. You’ve also receive a Fee plan, which mentions all kinds of fee that you need to pay before your visa is being processed and during the course.  If you agree to the offer, update your missing documents and go to the next step. If you don’t agree, please send us email if you have any inquiries.


Payments and visa process:

 If you agree to the offer, you need make the first payment. All fees will to be paid in FPT account given in Fee Plan. You also need to provide information relating to payment such as account name, bank name, amount, payment date and payment proof scan. In this step, health check report is also required. Admission Letter and Visa: You will receive Admission Letter after the University received your money. It might take you about 2 weeks to received visa reference code.

More about Visa:

Normally, FPT University will apply visa for you from Vietnam side. Then we will send you the visa reference code so that you can get visa at the nearest Vietnamese Embassy to your home. Please note that visa application policy to Vietnam is various and depends on your home country as well as the length of your study. It is advisable that you contact the FPT International Academy for instruction.

Remember that it’s your responsibility to remind us to renew your visa one month before the expiring date. You will have to pay fine on your own for overstaying if you fail to apply in time.

Please be reminded that booking a flight that is later than the visa expiration date is not an excuse for extending visa. Students are responsible for taking care of personal matters; including booking plane tickets early so that they can leave before or on the day the visa expires. Failure to follow the regulations would result in heavy fine in Custom and Immigration and complicated paperwork that they have to shoulder The penalty for overstaying in Vietnam is VND 1,000,000 per day. Foreign nationals who overstay their visa less than 5 days might be allowed to pay the fine at the airport. Foreign nationals who overstay their visa more than 5 days must report directly to the department of immigration. FPT will not assist students who overstay their visas.


Flight Details:

Upload your flight details on the system so that the University could arrange taxi picking you from the airport. In this step, health check report is also required


English Requirements:

English proficiency Success at FPTU begins with a strong comprehension of the English language. Because our rigorous courses are taught in English and move at a fast pace, fluency in the language is necessary for understanding concepts and expressing yourself effectively. Applicants whose native language is not English must provide evidence of English language proficiency.

You need to meet one of the following requirements:

 • TOEFL (PBT): 550/ TOEFL (IBT): 65

• IELTS: 6.0 or Equivalent (Test score must be valid at the time of submission)




 FPT University’s academic calendar is divided into 3 semesters: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Application must be submitted prior to the fixed deadline for timely enrolling in classes.

For MBA:

  • Summer: Feb 5th
  • Fall: August 5th

For BBA:

  • Spring: November 10th
  • Summer: April 10th
  • Fall: August 10th


Study Permit and Other Necessary Documents:

Health examination guidelines for entry into Vietnamese educational institutions;

Please read the instructions carefully before filling in the form. Please fill in the form in English language. Please write in capital letters. This form has 4 sections: a. Section 1 (part a and b) to be filled by the applicant; and b. Section 2, 3 and 4 to be filled by the examining doctor. Please complete all the tests required in this form.  The university / college only accepts medical examination done within60 days before registration or within 30 days after registration.  Please attach all the original laboratory results. Please bring along chest x-ray film and report for registration. Please ensure the x-ray film is labelled with your name and date taken (in english). chest x-ray done within 6 months prior to registration can be accepted.

The university/ college reserves the right to repeat full medical check-up or any specific laboratory tests should there be any doubt in the medical report submitted. All costs involved shall be borne by the candidates. The university/ college reserves the right to reject any application: a. Based on the results of the health examination; or b. Should there be any evidence that the applicant has given false information in the health examination report or any supporting documents.

For Health application form visit :

We are concerned about our students’ overall well-being while enrolled at FPT University. Comprehensive health care services are provided by our medical team at the on-campus clinic to ensure students are always in their best physical and mental conditions.



Housing/Residence and Food Info:

Rent varies depending on the standard of housing a person requires as well as the location of a property. On average, with only $300 USD/month you will have basically everything you need for your new life in Vietnam. Not only are there many Western restaurants to choose from, you can also savor a huge array of great local restaurants, food stalls and street vendors that cook up amazing fare while the customer waits.