Early Career Academic Winter School on “Social Policy in Developing Contexts”

The specific objectives of the workshop are:

  • create space for early career social sciences researchers to explore areas of synergy and tension in the conceptual, methodological and ‘applied’ aspects of their disciplines;
  • facilitate critical reection and learning on the growing signicance of impact in research, and the need to build effective, productive and ethical research partnerships to engage with this agenda;
  • create space for social sciences researchers to reect on the growing signicance of engaging
    in inter and cross disciplinary research, illustrated in the Global Challenges Research agenda;
  • examine innovative approaches to emerging social issues in the Global South such as human
    well-being, welfare, equality, capabilities, freedom and inclusive growth, and explore how these
    might be best addressed through research;
  • examine the challenges of quantitative and qualitative research in terms of data accessibility
    and analysis in India
  • discuss recent developments in Indian welfare state in terms of universalisation citizen cards,
    health insurance, pensions and social security provisions.
  • analyse the developments in health insurance policies and approaches in India
  • emphasis on mixed methods in the policy studies
  • facilitate networking and promote new partnerships.


Feb 21 2019


All of the day


Jindal Global Educational and Professional Academy
New Delhi

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