Dr. M.Kanchan

Adjunct Faculty


B.Com (Mysore University); M.Com (Mysore University); Ph.D. (Mysore University)

Kanchan is an adjunct faculty at Jindal Global Business School.  Her teaching and research experience spans over three decades teaching not only young adults but people with varied years of work experience too.  Teaching in various Business schools  and in university has added to her diverse work experience.  Her teaching interests lie in the area of Financial Accounting, Strategic Cost Management and Corporate Finance.

Dr. Kanchan has a Masters’ degree in Commerce and a Doctoral Degree in Corporate Governance from University of Mysore funded by the University Grants Commission.  She has taught both at Undergraduate and Graduate levels.  In her previous assignment in Mysore, she initiated and started a course in E-governance under the aegis of the UGC.

As a Senior Researcher in Centre for Leadership Innovation and Change, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, she has worked on performance measurement of State-Owned enterprises in India.  During her last assignment at Thapar University, as the head of Centre for Governance, she worked in the area of urban governance and capacity building of Urban Local Bodies and Municipal Councils in Himachal Pradesh.  The assignment included strengthening the fiscal discipline, policies and practices of Urban Local Bodies, encouraging citizenship engagement, improving communication strategy, capacity building of stakeholders and engaging human resources for better management. 

Kanchan has conducted several workshops in Cost Control and Management for industries and  case study workshops on how to ‘Write, Teach and Publish’ cases.  She has her case studies published in the areas of corporate governance and social entrepreneurship.