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Degree Programmes

Integrated BBA-MBA Programme


The objective of the Integrated BBA-MBA 5-year Degree programme is to enable students to embark upon a management career after completing 10+2 level examination. The programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of business management and the opportunity to pursue chosen areas of specialization. The design and delivery of this integrated program is innovative and unique. It will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully for challenging positions in industry, government, non-profit organizations and civil services. This programme will create excellent managers and also instill the spirit of entrepreneurship so that the students evolve into leaders and wealth creators in the years to come. The programme at JGBS will be one of the most rigorous in the country and is designed to prepare students with a global management perspective through a unique pedagogy of learning and interaction among peers in a modular format. Activities like live projects, field assignments and simulation games will form an integral part of the programme. Field work such as the India Dream Project, Business Internship and Team-Consulting Assignment will help achieve holistic learning and also provide for a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary business environment.

  • Option for a Post Graduate Degree Abroad: In the fifth year, students have the option to enroll for 1-year MS Degree with a partner foreign university subject to the  terms and conditions of the host university.


Education at JGBS transcends the boundary of four walls of classroom. The aim is to let the unique strength of each individual flourish. The result is not only competent managers but also highly motivated and confident individuals. Education of young minds entails coming up with a vision for life that inspires a life-time of learning, and self-actualization rather than mere skill-building to make a living. JGBS, with faculty from the best institutions across the world, incorporates the modern educational practices in its pedagogy. Emphasis is on learning through discovering rather than from classroom instruction, through problem-solving instead of rote-learning and through critical thinking as opposed to acquiring knowledge as information. This is the essence of being one’s own teacher which is what we emphasize.

Today, grooming of future leaders involves a lot more than what it took just a decade ago. As the world we live in shrinks and becomes more interdependent and complex, holistic development of students now involves learning more than just the field of specialty. At JGBS, a student has the opportunity to learn a wide variety of subjects from other schools – a flexibility that not many universities in India offer. Equally important for complete development are extra-curricular activities such as debates, dramas, sports etc. which are a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Credit Structure

The Program requires a minimum of 176 credits consisting of compulsory courses as well as electives. One credit is equivalent to 15 hours of classroom instruction per semester. Typically, courses are 3-credit courses. In the fourth year, required course load is less with room for selecting as many courses as possible based on one’s chosen area of specialization and interest.

Semester I
20 credits
Semester II20 credits
Semester III20 credits
Semester IV19 credits
India Dream Project  (Summer) 2 credits
Semester V20 credits
Semester VI20 credits
Business Internship/Entrepreneurship2 credits 
Semester VII 17 credits (minimum)
Semester VIII17 credits (minimum)
Team-consulting Assignment (Summer & Semester IX)4 credits
Semester X15 credits (minimum)
176 credits (minimum)

The courses on Foreign Language in semesters I to VIII, which are each of 2 credits, are required but are not counted towards the final CGPA.

In the 4th and 5th year, there is considerable flexibility to choose courses from different areas, including from different, schools in the University. Students are encouraged to take as many electives as possible beyond the minimum required.

Those opting for one-year M.S. abroad would have 19 credits (minimum required in the 5th year) transferred from their M.S. program.


Academic Overview

The Integrated BBA-MBA Programme is a 5-year programme. It will have two semesters per year. In addition there would be internships in summers.

Total credit requirement

To fulfill the requirements for the degree a minimum of 146 credits (or equivalent) have to be earned. These are distributed over coursework and internships. There is no provision for leaving after three years with a BBA degree.

  • Multi-disciplinary: The curriculum is not just limited to subjects relating to business management. You can choose courses from the Law School or the School of International Affairs or the School of Government and Public Policy, or the School of Liberal Arts and Humanities.
  • World-class Faculty: JGU has faculty with outstanding qualifications from the best universities across the world. It is your chance to learn from the best of business, education, and industry.
  • Global Curriculum: The curriculum and pedagogy of the Integrated BBA-MBA Programme is drawn from the best practices in India and abroad, bearing in mind that the global perspectives relating to management education need to match the Indian approaches in business and industry.
  • Foreign Languages: In order to prepare students for global careers the University maintains state-of-the-art foreign language centers. Languages taught, at present, include Arabic, French, Spanish, and Mandarin (Chinese).
  • Global Exposure: The global curriculum is complemented by exposure to the corporate and culture of foreign countries. This is facilitated by a global immersion program, and opportunity for a one-year full-time study abroad.
  • Personality Development: To ensure all-round development which is necessary for realization of one’s full potential, the University provides world-class facilities for games & sports. Participation in extra-curricular activities like debates, dramatics, and pursuit of hobbies through a large number student clubs on campus is also strongly encouraged.


 Year 1

Foundation courses for a well-rounded professional. The two semesters earn 20 credits each.

Semester I
Semester II

Year 2

Pre-Eligibility Courses for preparing for Business Studies. The two semesters earn 20 and 19 credits respectively . The Summer Term carries no credit but is required.

Summer Term

Semester III
Semester IV

Year 3


Foundation in Business with the Business Core Courses. The Summer Term earns 2 credits, while the two semesters earn  20 credits each.

Summer Term

Semester V
Semester VI

Elective from the following set*:


Elective from the following set*:

Year 4

Specialization in one's area of interest with a large number of electives on offer in each area. The Summer Term earns 2 credits, while the two semester earn 17 credits each (minimum required).

Summer Term

 Semester VII

Students are required to take a minimum of 17 credits. This includes 2 credits of Foreign Language - 8  which is a required course. Students are encouraged to earn more credits by taking as many electives as possible.

 Winter Term (2nd week of December to 2nd  week of January)

 Semester VIII

Students are required to take a minimum of 17 credits. This includes 2 credits of Foreign Language - 8 which is a required course. Students are encouraged to earn more credits by taking as many electives as possible.

The requirement for getting major in a particular area is: All the core courses in the given area, and at least 12 credits in that area.

Year 5

Opportunity for Advanced Professional Focus either by pursuing a one-year M.S. in a partner university abroad, or by engaging in field work and advanced electives especially designed for giving depth and breadth to the chosen area of specialization.

One-year M.S. in a foreign university


Summer Term

Semester  IX

Semester X





* This list is subject to revision. Courses may be added or dropped.

Summer Internships and Final Placements are an integral part of any B-school landscape. JGBS is committed to assisting students in identifying most appropriate opportunities with MNCs, Indian conglomerates and NGOs in order to kick start their career in a sector of their choice. Over the years JGBS has consistently placed all students for summer internships in organizations such as E&Y, SMS-Siemag, KPMG, UB Group, IOCL, Pepsico, Makemytrip, Reliance retail, FRS Global etc. Students have been finally placed in leading firms such as Deloitte Consulting, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, JSPL, Sodexo, ARRS Group, Luxottica Group etc