Ji-Sen is a network of social enterprises, non-governmental organizations and Jindal Business School. The network is created for mutual benefit of partner institutions and larger stakeholders. The network will work towards achieving the agenda of sustainable development goals through the involvement of multiple stakeholders. Universities and like-minded partner institutions across the globe will aim to work towards achieving these goals and creating a better and equitable world for tomorrow.

This network will help JGBS to create partnerships with non-profit organizations, social enterprises, trusts and corporate social responsibility departments of both public and private enterprises with an am to facilitate flow of knowledge, skill, experience and resources among stakeholders.     

Many of the partner institutions, social enterprises and corporate fail to achieve these greater goals due to various structural and strategic limitations; be it quality of manpower, professional skills and absence of strategic mindset to resolve chronic social issues and disorders. This network is created to facilitate strategic interactions and bridge these inherent gaps. The network will support social enterprises around the world to improve reach, quality and sustainability of these initiatives and help them to bring in the empowered change.     

Ji-Sen believes in true human values and aims to bring in a culture of equity among its stakeholders. The network believes that sharing of knowledge, tools and results will contribute towards strengthening the basic social fabric of a nation.

The network will help social entrepreneurs, social enterprise leaders, local authority and social investors to debate, discuss and invest on ideas, strategies and manpower for creating a better world. This network will use social media, v-blog posts, public lectures, training programs, symposiums, workshops and conferences to train young minds to attend to greater social calls; be it development, environment or social business. The network will conduct intensive training programs, internship opportunities and certification programs for students as well as other stakeholders.                 

The network will also provide skilled manpower, professionals and interns through social internships, love projects etc. The social internship is a part of course curriculum in our school. Additionally, partners can engage with students from time to time through live projects, etc. This unique synergy will be a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Students will get the opportunity to explore the challenges of social sector and understand their entrepreneurial orientation. Students will get opportunities for hands-on training on their business acumen and applied in the context of building a social enterprise.

Very few schools in India are directly or indirectly engaged with NGOs, Social enterprises, etc. Jindal Global Business School is one of the pioneers and has taken the lead to facilitate engagement through this network. Ji-SEN aim to create a repository of knowledge about initiatives so that various stakeholders can learn from knowledge sharing sessions and best case practices.

The network intends to create an incubation centre for social start-ups and play the important role of a social accelerator in the careful supervision of industry pioneers and academic experts. The network also aims to bridge the gap between investors and social enterprises through various events in days to come.

Ji-SEN aspires to become the best social enterprise network in the country by creating an interactive and value based platform among social enterprises, NGOs, various governments and relevant institutions.


To create a thriving multi-stakeholder network community and to bring about social change through knowledge generation and sharing, flow of resources across network partners, and creation of sustainable social entrepreneurial ecosystem to become a one-stop solution for all requirements for network partners.

  • To create a Pan-India and continually expanding network of organizations working for social welfare. 
  • To bridge the gap between organizations working for social welfare by facilitating knowledge and human resource workflows between them. 
  • To promote awareness and empathy towards social issues amongst the JGBS students through activities like social internships, volunteer work, workshops and seminars. 
  • To ignite interest on social entrepreneurship and inspire students to work for or create their own social enterprises. 
  • To provide an enriching and intellectually engaging learning environment in collaboration with organizations working for social welfare through industry visits, seminars, panel discussions, internship opportunities and campus-to-company integration activities.