Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Vashishth

Assistant Professor

B.Tech. (Rajasthan Technical University; Kota);
Ph.D. (IIM, Trichy)

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek is a doctoral  in the Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques area at Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIMT). He received his Bachelor of Technology degree (on Director’s Merit List) in Production and Industrial Engineering from the University College of Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, India. He has worked as a teaching assistant and tutor for about 2 years at IIMT. He was awarded the commendable research paper award for his thesis proposal at the doctoral colloquium of the 11th ISDSI International Conference. He was also awarded the Highly Commended research article award at Emerald Literati Award (2019) for one of his research article. He is a reviewer for international journals such as International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management (IJQRM) and book publishers such as IGI Global. He has published research articles in various International Journals such as Services Marketing Quarterly, Benchmarking: an International Journal and Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. He has presented his research work at various International Conferences such as SOM, POMS, EurOMA, DSI and ISDSI. Apart from his thesis topic-Integrated Management Systems (IMS) implementation in service SMEs, he works in the area of sustainable operations management, services operations management, behavioral operations and quality management.