A. Sasidharan

Senior Research Associate

B.Com (Kerala University), M.Com (Kerala University), Ph.D. candidate (IIT Madras)

A. Sasidharan is a Senior Research Associate. She is currently pursuing her Ph. D at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM). Her primary interests lie in the area of corporate finance and corporate governance. She published two research papers in International Journal of Business and Management Science and International Journal of Management. She published many articles in Financial Express, Chartered Secretary and BSE Forum where she can convey the latest issues in finance to the public at large. She has several other papers are at different stages of her research pipeline. She attended three international conferences and many national conferences. She did her graduation and post-graduation in Finance and she has three years of industry experience, one year teaching experience and one-year research experience in IIM and National Institute of Securities Markets (An educational initiative of SEBI). She is a receiptant of many scholarships such as Suvarna Jubliee Scholarship for merit student and Indira Gandhi Scholarship for merit student