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Following are the key objectives and activities of the center:

Research center will focus on

Knowledge creation specific to Social and Digital Media- Social and digital media specific research recorded astronomical growth in recent times; however, there are certain areas like

  1. Platform specific studies
  2. Measure influence of distinct forms of media formats on consumer and business markets
  3. Use innovative digital initiatives for enhancing social media networks
  4. How to build strong online communities and social networks
  5. Reputation analysis of information available on  social network during crisis  such as earthquake , floods, tsunami, attacks
  6. Social network analysis for national security
  7. Political analysis using social media
  8. How social media leads to new social , economic and political formal and informal organizations
  9. Tools and technologies for social media analytics

Knowledge dissemination: This center also pursues spread of the knowledge created through consulting, training sessions, practitioner talks, conferences, workshops and seminars to facilitate the exchange of ideas, scholarship, and managerial practices.